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Neil Hosler has been a Manager/Agent/Certified ITAC International student counsellor, since 2005, and has been hosting international students from around the world since 1998. He has worked with over 40 schools and school divisions throughout Alberta, and has helped place over 2500 students in Secondary and Post Secondary Institutions and homestays across Canada. Neil is always been encouraged that so many students have enjoyed Canada's spectacular nature, multiculturalism, people, and educational experiences.
Mr. Hosler earned a diploma in Child and Youth Care from Grant MacEwan University. After graduation he worked as a frontline staff and manager for several youth working agencies and treatment facilities in the Edmonton region. Prior to ISSA-Canada, Mr. Hosler was the Provincial Manager of Alberta for Global Partners Institute, a non profit Canadian student exchange organization. Sadly COVID-19 caused the undoing of GPI's 28 year business. Mr Hosler is moving forward with over 16 years experience and many pleasant memories of his time with GPI. Before GPI, Mr Hosler operated his own accredited wilderness camp with the Albert Camping Association, spending many years immersing teens in rewarding wilderness activities, recreation, environmental, and historical education.
For 23 years, Mr. Hosler has volunteered as Patrol Leader with the Canadian Ski Patrol, assisting skiers and summer events with emergency trauma first aid and rescue. He also enjoys biking, camping, and is married with two daughters aged 18 and 19.
Neil is passionate about the our global mission, believing that by providing intercultural experiences for host families and students, we are changing the world for the better. His most cherished memories are watching students and host families grow throughout their exchange year. Not only does each student’s English greatly improve, they depart Canada as far more mature and worldly citizens for their experience, having developed lifelong bonds with their Canadian family. Being part of that experience is the greatest reward for his hard work and dedication.


Dreaming about coming to Canada as an International student? At Independent Student Support Agents-Canada (ISSA-Canada), Our dedicated, experienced team of certified ITAC International student counselors, partner agents, Canadian secondary and post secondary partner institutions and homestay services provide international students with a spectrum of full student supports to assist you with all aspects of your student journey.  Our staff have over 20 years experience in the assisting students in study abroad experiences. Whether you wish for short-term study experiences, language vacations, cultural immersion or if you wish for longer experiences such as high school semester programs, multiple year graduation programs or assistance in progressing to post secondary education, post graduate work programs or you are striving towards becoming a Canadian citizen we can cater a program and the appropriate connections and advice tom meet your needs

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